The Official Register of Color Names

Color Name Voucher

Color Name Voucher


Probably, the most ingenious way to perpetuate yourself, a dear person, or a company is to present a Color Name!

It is possible to give the Color Name Voucher as a gift, which will allow naming any unoccupied color in the Official Register of Color Names

Likewise, you can use the Activation Code, name the color and give the Color Name Registration Certificate as a present!


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After the payment, you immediately receive the Activation Code and confirming it Voucher.

  • Choose any available color in the register that you like on The Official Register of Color Names web page.
  • Name it and enter the Activation Code from Voucher.
  • Immediately after the activation, you get the Color Name Registration Certificate, confirming the Color Name.

Congratulations, your Color Name is now included in the register for ages!

Bulk discounts for most orginal presents!

Bulk discounts apply to any quantity greater than that specified in the table.

After payment, You will receive 1 Voucher per PDF. This means if you will buy 3 Color Names, You will receive 3 different Vouchers.

Vouchers will expire after 1 Year (365 Days) from the day of purchase.