The Official Register of Color Names

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I name a color in the ORCN register?

First of all, you need to purchase a right to name a color. You can do that only in the Color Name Store, which is the official ORCN store. After you purchase such right, you get a Voucher with an Activation Code that will allow you to name the color.

Then you choose a color in the Color Naming Page, enter its name and dedication if needed. After entering the Activation Code and confirmation, the Color Name will be included in the ORCN register.

Your chosen color will receive a new name, and you will get a Color Name Certificate with a link to the Color Page to the specified mailbox.

Can I give a made-up name to a color?

Yes, you give any unreserved color your made-up original name. This will not only be your opportunity to memorialize yourself, but also to support ORCN. Please remember that the number of colors is limited, therefore, such an opportunity will not last forever.

What name can be given to a color?

It can be any name you think of, consisting of letters and numbers up to 40 symbols. It can be a common Color Name, e.g.: Crystal Clear Ocean Blue, a name perpetuating a dear person, e.g.: Anna Mary Red or a company: My Company Logo Green. Color Name cannot repeat, have coarse or offensive meaning, and it cannot infringe trademark rights.

What color can be chosen?

Any unreserved and unnamed color from RGB Color Codes (hex) can be chosen.

Can other person use an Activation Code from the Vaucher purchased by me?

Yes, your purchased Activation Codes can be used by other people. You can give a Voucher with an Activation code as a gift to another person, who can then choose and name color. The Color Name Certificate will be sent to the mailbox, which was specified on the Color Naming Page.

Can someone change my Color Name?

No, this name will belong to the color forever. However, if the Color Name includes coarse, offensive words, or words that infringe trademark rights, such names can be removed without separate warning.

Can the name created by me be given to another color?

No, ORCN guarantees that your Color Name remains unique in the register.

Where can I use my Color Name?

You can use it anywhere: share on social networks, use it on your website or in your company’s brand book. Moreover, your color name will be included in the individual color page address, which will be indexed and easily found on search engines.

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